WESTERN PA. DIVISION of the U. S. Fencing Assoc.




The W. Pa. Division annual meeting will be held at 1PM on Sunday, June 21, 2015, at the Jewish Community Center, Irene Kaufmann Building, 5738 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill), 15217.


Executive Committee Elections

In addition to the meeting, voting will also take place for Executive Committee elections for a Chair, 1st Chair and Treasurer.  Election information, and a copy of a proxy form for the meeting, has already been sent to all WPD eligible voting members.

Eligible voting members who wish to vote, but cannot attend the meeting, should sign and date the proxy form that they received in the mail, and give it to another eligible voting member who will be attending the meeting.   That assigned person can then vote for the eligible voting member by proxy.

Voting on WPD By-Laws revisions

In addition to the annual meeting and Exec. Committee elections, voting will take place to approve a total WPD By-Laws rewrite, to bring the WPD up-to-date with changes made by the USFA in recent years.  All eligible voting members, and only eligible voting members, can vote on the By-Laws changes.

So that these can be reviewed prior to the voting on 6/21/15, a copy of the proposed By-laws can be found posted here on this website:

proposed new WPD By-laws

PLEASE NOTE: Eligible voting members can vote via proxy for both the WPD Executive Committee elections and the By-Laws revisions.  Voting members who can’t attend the meeting, but want to vote on these items, should be sure to assign their voting rights to another voting member who plans to attend.


Additional meeting items

The annual meeting agenda will also include discussing potential tournaments for the upcoming season, WPD policies, and other important items that could affect clubs and their fencers.

With this in mind, the Executive Committee would like as many WPD members as possible to attend the meeting.

If you or your child fences, please show your interest and support for the Western Pa. Division by setting aside 2 hours to attend this meeting.

This is an opportunity for eligible voters to elect new officers and vote on new WPD By-laws, and for voters and non-voters, alike, to ask questions, and to provide suggestions for the upcoming fencing season.

At the very least, we’re asking that clubs send one or two representatives.

Please make sure that your club is involved and represented.




The W. Pa. Division Executive Committee is asking clubs to consider hosting a fencing event for the 2015 – 2016 fencing season.

Now is the time for club administrators to think ahead and decide whether to hold an event, and to determine what type of meet they’d like to host.

Clubs that wish to host meets for the 2015-2016 fencing season, should send their meet sanctioning requests as early as August to the WPD Chair (contact info below).

Meets will be posted on the “Events” page as they are approved / sanctioned by the WPD Executive Committee.  (Each listing will have a link to its posting on askFRED.net, where you can find more details about the event and how to pre-register.)





2014-2015 Executive Committee

Nathan Forbes, Chair, nathanjayforbes@gmail.com
Storm Walden, 1st Vice Chair, swalden@alumni.cmu.edu
Erik Blank, 2nd Vice Chair, erik_blank@yahoo.com
Renee Weiss, Secretary, rjo_weiss@yahoo.com
Deb Theriault, Treasurer,

If you wish to receive e-mail announcements for W. Pa. Division news and events, please email Deb Theriault at dtheriault@windstream.net to be put on distribution.


(This page last updated 6/9/15)

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